Saturday, March 3, 2012

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish.

One Less Nasty Piece of Work Making a Mess of things for the Rest of Us.
(Credit: Brendan Mcdermid / Reuters).
The right-wing Old Maids of both sexes are shocked - shocked! - that we're such big ol' meanies on the left side of the fence over our full-throated relief that a sociopath finally did something human. They clutch their pearls & fan themselves that we're being so personal at a time like this. Fuck You: your hero made it personal. You & your well-intentioned useful idiots on the left (I’m looking at you & your enabling cargo cults, Melissa McEwan & Ariana Huffington) try to shame us into silence - AGAIN - when we speak the unpleasant, ugly & unvarnished truth & point out that your emperors wear no clothes. I imagine that the stress from the prospect of actually being held accountable for his words & actions are what killed him: Shirley Sherrod had sued him for defamation & this past month his motion for dismissal had been denied, allowing her suit to proceed. It’s amazing how fast & hard the bullies fold when they know you have them on the hook & in your sights, & I don't mean any chickenshit nonsense like "surveyor's marks". I hope Mrs. Sherrod proceeds with her lawsuit against his estate, if such a thing is possible.

To those of you crying into your watery beers over the death of this pig: you sound pathetic eulogizing a scumbag. Keep it up. It just makes pointing out that your hero was an unrepentant serial liar who made more money in a year lying than decent people make in a decade trying to get by with an honest living that much easier. That - & that he hurt so many people with his lies - is why we who despise lies & the liars that tell them are clapping & cheering & dancing & singing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!" at the tops of our lungs. We will continue to do so whether the hell you & your sad-sack circle-jerking pity-patying blubbing fellow travellers like it or not. Do not bore us with anecdotes about how he’ll be missed by his wife & children or we’ll set fire to your tears.

Mrs. Breitbart & surviving children - Cold, Hard Truth time: your husband & father was an unrepentant serial liar who made more money in a year lying than decent people make in a decade trying to get by with an honest living. The roof over your heads, the warm dry beds that you sleep in, the clothes on your backs & the food that you eat are the fruits of his lying & slandering & lying & libelling & lying & the manufacture of falsehoods & lying & his relishing his role as someone that destroyed lives & careers with lies & lying & his toxic influence on the national dialogue & more lying. His legacy is disgraceful, shameful & odious & this world is made a better place by his passing, period. He was yours & no one else's & I shed no tears for him. That's your job, not ours.

Breitbardt: you can go take a big ol' suck on the devil's pecker, fat boy. For all the good people you hurt, I hope the worms eat your eyes. My only regret is that I didn't get to put you in the ground myself.

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